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NoNic Handheld Laser Wire Stripper

NoNic Handheld - The best wire stripping technology in the palm of your hand.
You Asked, We Listened. Laser Wire Stripping directly at the harness board is now a reality.
Control Laser has officially announced the most exciting laser innovation for wire stripping professionals everywhere. We've carefully listened to the needs of the industry, and are proud to deliver the perfect laser solution for your sensitive wire applications in a convenient handheld design.
Never before has it been easier to strip outer wire insulations without damage to the shielding or wires underneath. Best of all, you can now process wires directly at the harness board or on-site in mere seconds per wire. This system offers repeatable, consistent results that our customers can rely on.
The NoNic Handheld is the future of laser wire stripping.

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WireMaster Laser Wire Stripper

The Simple Solution for Laser Wire Stripping. Quick, Easy, Damage-Free.
Wiremaster provides the most accurate tools to strip and slit wire insulations successfully.

Our Wiremaster laser systems provide the perfect solution for quick, precise, and repeatable laser wire stripping. No other product on the market can compare to our system's ability to strip and slit most varieties of wire cleaner, faster, and easier than ever before. The Wiremaster laser series is the premier solution for removing troublesome wire insulations effectively without harming the wires underneath. The Wiremaster comes in a newly redesigned compact bench top configuration for easy access and quick operation. This system can safely strip wires as small as .001" and handle tolerances as tight as .001" as well. We can safely remove 99% of all insulations with 10 second changeover or less. No more need for exacto knives and tweezers - Our Wiremaster products take all the tedium and frustration out of the equation.

Wire stripping is quickly becoming a huge market for the laser industry. Many of the companies that need this type of technology are currently running production completely by hand. We heard the call and decided to design a perfect tool for processing this type of application. With our Wiremaster product, we adhere to the strictest guidelines' for processing because there is no room for error in this market. Wires are very sensitive and if handled incorrectly (either by laser or by hand) there could be severe repercussions. We work very closely with our customers on these systems in particular. We aim to satisfy their every requirement whether it's for a government agency, department of defense (D.O.D.), or any company looking to utilize a Wiremaster laser system in their facility.

Strip and Slit Functionality
The biggest difference between the various models of WireMaster is the fact that the Wiremaster II incorporates a linear slide into the tabletop cabinet to allow for slitting down the length of the wire insulation. This is especially important when you have longer wire shields that would still be difficult to remove with just the stripping process alone. So, this model will first perform the strip by rotating around the wire insulation and then laze down the length between the strip area to the end of the wire. This creates an split in the insulation and makes for a simple removal of the shielding.

    Laser Marking Studio™ (LMS) is a full featured laser interface software designed for simple and responsive control of a new CLC laser marking system.

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