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Conceptronic, a division of CVD Equipment

Reflow Ovens

The Conceptronic Reflow Oven Product line, High Velocity Air (HVAHT) and High Velocity Nitrogen (HVNHT), have many advantages such as longer heated lengths, more convection flow directed at the product than any other oven, as well as an optimized flow path. All of these have resulted in higher convection, which leads to one of the best heat transfer coefficients in the industry. This translates directly to Lower Delta Tís and no component movement with lower temperature set points. Lower set points mean you can limit the exposure of sensitive components to unnecessary peak temperatures.

We have Go Green features, such as Automated Idle Mode, to reduce the amount of energy and Nitrogen used during times of inactivity, fully configurable for the customerís needs. With low process recovery times, we can be "Process ready" by the time the next group of product arrives.

See what we have to offer. At Conceptronic, we make technology simple.



High Velocity Air Series:

HVAHT 70 Series

HVAHT 102 Series

HVAHT 120 Series

HVAHT 155 Series

Conceptronic HVAHT120 (High Velocity Air) Series


High Velocity Nitrogen Series:

HVNHT 70 Series

HVNHT 102 Series

HVNHT 120 Series

HVNHT 155 Series



Rework Stations

BGA Rework is made easy with the Freedom Series Rework Stations. The combination of the Hot Forced Convective Gas and the optional Honeycomb IR Preheater combined with the robust machined base creates the tightest process control of any rework system. The Freedom is perfectly suited for Contract Manufacturers due to its flexibility and addresses the precision thermal process needed by OEM's with highly complex assemblies. Click on the Freedom 3000 link below to see a full description:

Freedom 3000 - Plus Rework Stationpdf

Download Intel 775 Socket Rework Tooling Brochurepdf




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